I’m Corria a Online Mompreneur and Forex Analyst. I love everything about entrepreneurship and trading. I would definitely consider myself a chart geek. Both my husband and I have put in close to 10,000 hours studying and trading the markets.

Our goal is to share this information so that we can help traders remove the confusions of trading and the obstacle of being consistent to becoming a successful and profitable trader.

You can find me on Instagram posting charts, motivation quotes and picks of my life as a mompreneur. You can also look out for my new series of trading videos for beginners on IGTV & Youtube.

My specialty? Sharing what I know about the markets and translating to this info in simple terms to everyday people like you and I to understand investing, economics and building wealth!

The skills that I equip you with will allow you to grow into an Independent Investor taking control of your Time and your own Financial Success!!!