Learning how to successfully trade can be a challenging task. There is much to learn and can become confusing and overwhelming not knowing the proper Tools, Skill set and Strategy is required to become a Profitable Forex Trader. But don't worry, I was there to and it took a little while for me to put all this together (2 years) I do not want it to take that long for you. Difference is I could not find anyone to personal coach me (there's a lot of noise on the internet) so it took me longer, My coaching is only 30 days to grasp the concepts that you need, nothing extra or fancy. I believe in SIMPLE trading.

Step 1, is to make an appointment to discuss your goals as an trader, then I will let you know how I can help. Talk a little about my strategy and what I provide in my coaching.

Step 2, is to book your 30 day Forex Coaching session with me. We will work together 3 days out the week for 1 1/2 hours covering everything you need to know to trade Forex and Practice placing trades... Not ready for coaching? follow the next step.

Step 3, Join my Pipreneurs The Female Forex Trading Group, with other women who is excited about this industry and still learning also!   

Step 4, Grab my Forex Trading Strategy Checklist, this will give you the steps needed to place a trade..Enjoy!!

Welcome to my schedule! I can't wait to work with you!

**Please note that appointments will occur in Zoom at the link provided in your calendar invite. Failing to show for your appointment will not result in a refund.**